3 Post-Thanksgiving Day “Recovery” Tips to Get You Back on Track

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Thanksgiving is over.  Yesterday you took in a parade, expressed your gratitude, and perhaps watched a game or two.  And if I had to guess, I’d say you may have overdulged in the traditional holiday “feast” of turkey, dressing, desserts, and drinks.  Your plate probably wasn’t the picture of a “healthy plate.”  You probably ate a bit more (or a LOT more) than you would on a normal day.  If you loaded up on “goodies” yesterday, missed a workout or meditation, and stuffed yourself silly, you may not be feeling so hot today.  Not to mention you may have lost out on sleep with travelling or preparing for the big day. So how do you get back on track after Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving day feasting can really take it’s toll on your body, mind, and mood.  Of course, one day of indulgence won’t throw you completely off track, but here are 3 easy tips you can implement today to make sure you don’t go too far off course.

How to Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving

1. Add in a few extra ZZZs.  

You may be going “all in” on the holiday season, attending parties, dinners, shows, and perhaps travelling once or twice to spend time with family.  If you overlook your body’s need for sleep, you’re likely to go through the holiday season sleep deprived.  So today is the perfect day to set the intention to get to bed early tonight.  Or even take a snooze this afternoon to allow your body a chance to rejuvenate.  This may be good not just for you, but for the whole family.  Even a quick 30-45 minute naptime is a good way to recapture lost ZZZs, but don’t go overboard on day-time napping. Anything over an hour can do you more harm than good, possibly leaving you cranky rather than refreshed.

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2. Bypass the post-Thanksgiving urge for seconds.  

Instead of filling your plate with another round of yesterday’s fare, pack them up into single serve meals and put them in the freezer for another time.  Today, load up on meals that contain the nutrients that will help your body “recover.”  This might mean adding in some folate-containing foods to your diet such as fruits, veggies, beans, and whole grains.   Why folate?  According to studies, folate has a positive effect on heart, neurological, and emotional health.  So if you overdid it yesterday – and especially if alcohol was part of the festivities – getting some folate into your diet today is a good step towards rejuvenating your body and mind.

3. Move your body.  

If your exercise routine has been thrown off with all the travels and preparation, you may not be feeling so hot today.  This may be especially true if you loaded up your plate yesterday.  Rather than waiting until after the holidays to get your fitness routine back on track, take action today!  There are many activities that can be done to simply ease yourself back into a routine.  You can start off by throwing down a yoga mat and doing some simple stretches or a full workout routine.  You may want to head outdoors for a brisk walk and to get some fresh air.  It’s up to you, but staying active and treat your body well during the season can help with not only maintaining your waistline, but lowering your stress and setting you up to truly enjoy the season.

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Alicia S. Hyatte, MSW, LCSW, CIHC
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Alicia S. Hyatte, MSW, LCSW, CIHC

Alicia Hyatte is a Mental Health and Family Wellness Expert, Psychotherapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Health & Wellness Writer. She is the Founder of Whole Family Living where she supports health-conscious individuals, families, and health professionals to adopt healthy, sustainable habits. Connect on Facebook and Pinterest @wholefamilyliving or Twitter @wholefamilymag.
Alicia S. Hyatte, MSW, LCSW, CIHC
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