Hi and thank you for visiting Whole Family Living! I’m Alicia, the Founder. Just like you, I remain busy and wear a lot of various hats throughout the day.  But through all of it, my primary role is being a mom and a wife. I’m also a business owner, a psychotherapist (LCSW) and Holistic Health Coach specializing in stress management, motivation, and productivity coaching for career moms and female entrepreneurs.  I develop the resources and articles here at Whole Family Living to inspire and support other busy professional women like myself.

After over 20 years working in various healthcare, government and private organizations, universities, and mental health agencies, I opted out of traditional “nine-to-five JOB” for the flexibility and creativity of running a business on my own.  This articles offers a glimpse of how how my husband and I managed to pull off starting a family business that supports our family vision.

I have built Whole Family Living over the course of 3 years, but it has been a passion growing inside of me since youth.  This site is here for you.  If you are a health-conscious family looking for better ways to live a life without all the stress and overwhelm, then you’re in exactly the right place.  If you’re a health professional looking to rebalance your own life while helping your clients with theirs, I am here to support you too.

It’s YOUR time to build a successful life and career you love!

– Alicia S. Hyatte, MSW, LCSW, INHC


Whole Family Living helps busy, health-conscious individuals and families to have a healthy, active lifestyle that is fun and simple.

Our articles and guides are packed with practical, usable information on nutrition, personal care, self care (no, this is not the same as personal care), fitness, and healthy, whole foods.  We provide the latest information on how the everyday family can overcome the distractions of today, cut through all the noise and conflicting dietary and healthy living information, and make better decisions to support a natural, whole family lifestyle.

We offer quick, family-friendly recipes and menu planning tools to help you keep a steady stream of healthy meals flowing to your dining table.  We scrutinize products and make recommendations which we include in most articles to help you make better buying decisions and stay up-to-date on new wellness products. Feel free to browse our recommended healthy products.



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