Make Time for Your Physical Health During a Busy Holiday Season

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(Last Updated On: March 18)

During the holiday season, it’s easy for your physical health to be put on the back burner.  After all, we get pretty busy with family and friends that we often get off our normal routines.  You may end up being left feeling run down, with lack of energy, and unmotivated.  The holidays are a time of celebration and good cheer. The good news is you can experience that joy and still manage to take care of your physical health while still having a joyful season.

Choose to make self care a priority during the holidays.  Put your physical health as a priority during the holidays.  Making a commitment to your health will allow you to keep stick to a self care regimen.  Putting yourself as a priority allows you to enjoy the holida season while keeping stress to a minimum.

Get the exercise that your body is used to and that it craves to remain energized.  In the midst of all the holiday shopping, get-togethers with friends, travel and other obligations, your workout must be a priority for you to succeed. You may have to adjust the workout times and days, so remain flexible.  But remain firm that you will get your workout in.

Make Time for Your Needs. Even when the holidays are in full swing, you will still have some time away from family and friends.  Use this “me time” to fit in your workouts, meditations, or simply go for a walk. Use that time wisely and plan activities that will keep you active throughout the holidays.  Planning for these down times will allow you to stick to your workout regimen.

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Remind yourself of how you feel when you miss workouts.  Think of the last time you went off your physical activity regimen.  How did you feel?  Remember how you felt and visualize how you feel when you are on track with your workouts.  Being consistent in taking care of your body allows you to keep making progress on your goals.  In addition, your body will thank you for taking care of it, and reward you with energy that sustains you through a busy holiday season.

Family and Friends May Follow Your Lead

If you remain consistent in your workouts and enjoy taking care of your physical health, you may just create a ripple effect on your family members.  They may take notice and follow your lead.  Make this a family and friends affair so that everyone can get healthy together. You can help them get healthy by showing them your goals and how you’re working toward them. Some of the things that can become a group effort include:

  • Eating better to maintain optimal weight
  • Getting regular exercise to boost energy levels
  • Taking up new activities that are fun and enjoyable

Getting everyone’s participation in a fitness plan is a great way to stay committed.  In addition, you’ll be greatly rewarded by being the “lead” of the group helping everyone to set and maintain their goals.

If you’re focused and dedicated to staying fit, you’ll find ways to work out during quiet times and schedule your exercise around family activities so that everyone wins.

Your body will thank you, your mind will be more alert, and the holidays will seem far less stressful when you take care of yourself first. Invest the time in your workouts to make the most of all the holidays have to offer you.

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