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Overcome Exhaustion With These 5 Tips for Better Sleep

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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you feel like staying under the covers for another 10 minutes, an hour, or perhaps the whole day?  If you’re like most, you might not be getting enough sleep every night.  And maybe the entire family is missing out on the benefits of what a good night’s sleep …

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Stress: Its Effects May Be More Than You Think

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As humans we know that stress is something we’re going to experience at several points throughout life, and most of the time we don’t particularly like it. You may perceive stress is something to avoid, but the fact is that stress is a constant.  It is always present in one form or another and can’t be completely eliminated.  We’re always …

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12 Ways to De-Stress and Have a Joyful Holiday Season

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Alas, the holidays have arrived. This time of year can be so joyful, even magical. Family gatherings. Cooking and baking family favorites. Seeing the glee in the kids’ eyes. It’s all so joyous. But there’s also a dark side to the holidays. The one that we often try to ignore – yet it creeps up on us unexpectedly year after …

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Is Inadequate Sleep The Culprit Behind Your Weight Gain?

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You stifle a yawn and reach for the third cup of morning coffee. The half-eaten chocolate donut stares at you, and you stare back wondering how it ended up there. Fatigue, lack of focus, unusual craving for sugary foods …these are desperate signals from your body that you’re sleep deprived. You shrug off these signs as you negotiate with the …