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Just like many families, we are busy and there is no shortage of things on our everyday “to do” list. As we sought to build a healthy, happy life for our family – and support others on their journey towards better health – we realized that the enormity of health information available was hindering people from achieving better health habits rather than helping them.

People are just overwhelmed by the increasingly-expanding volumes of health information and it’s paralyzing them from making conscious health choices, rather than propelling them towards taking action. It’s virtually impossible to weed through all the conflicting nutrition and healthy living advice!

After graduating from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we made it our mission to help simplify the complicated health and nutrition arena for ourselves and for the individuals and families we support with our coaching and programs.

If you are a health-conscious single person or parent looking for better ways to live a life without all the stress and overwhelm, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Our articles and resources are packed with practical, usable information on nutrition, holistic health, self care, fitness, and healthy, whole foods.

We provide reliable information and support to help the everyday family overcome the distractions of today, cut through all the noise and conflicting dietary theories, and navigate the healthy living landscape with confidence to make better decisions for a conscious, whole family lifestyle.

Whole Family Living helps you to build a healthy, active lifestyle that is fun, simple, and stress-free. While most of our clients will lose about 5% of their body weight in our health coaching programs, we don’t focus on calorie-counting, deprivation or fad diets. Instead we help you to make incremental, long-lasting changes.  We encourage a healthy relationship with food and other areas of your life such as work, family, spirituality and most importantly… yourself.

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De-stress Mealtime: Smart & Healthy Menu Planning for Busy Families


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