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What is the  Family Wellness Challenge?

The Family Wellness Challenge is a 21-day health and wellness program that will help you develop better routines and habits for your family. You'll discover ways to simplify meal planning, establish better routines, and put your energy where it matters for a happier home life. Our goal is to help families access the right tools to simplify life, build healthier habits, and meet their health and wellness goals without being overwhelmed or stressed about it. Getting healthy shouldn't be hard, and our programs, resources and tools make it easy.

Routines Proven to Simplify Family Life. Young boy practicing softball swing outside with parents.

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Get off the couch and build a healthier and more active lifestyle for everyone in the family. Being active as a family helps with overall health including better sleep, healthier weight, improved school performance, productivity, mood, and more!

Meal prepped food in containers. How to Start Meal Prepping - The Easy Beginner's Guide - Whole Family Living

Healthier Meals

Develop a simple system to plan healthier meals and snacks for everyone in the family. Get templates and recipe suggestions to make meal planning and cooking throughout the week easy and stress-free.

10 Educational Summer Workshops and Activities for Kids - Whole Family Living. Little girl working on an art project.

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De-stress your days and nights by setting up routines for the whole family. Create a plan that allows you to accomplish more and support everyone in the family to excel in school, work, and activities.

this challenge really
helped me & MY FAMILY TO get back on track!

I just finished the challenge and I feel like I now have the tools to take care of my family without feeling so rushed and overwhelmed all the time. We now have better routines in place and feel more connected as a family. And the daily emails and tips and recipe suggestions were really helpful!

Neomi D., Wife & Mom of 2

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