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Apps That Help You Save Without Thinking About It

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(Last Updated On: May 19)

Do you remember the craze over “extreme couponing” from a few years back? There was even a show about it – maybe there still is. This was before the age of apps that help you save on groceries, etc.

There were moms and families all over the US saving huge percentages off their grocery bills by physically going through newspapers and in-store flyers each week (or day!). It was incredible. These women and families had dedicated rooms for stockpiling their deals and “steals.” We’re talking a fully organized storage room stocked with surplus laundry detergent, household cleaning products, toiletries, paper goods, canned foods, you name it! It was absolutely mind-boggling. And although it all looked very tempting – and for a split second I thought about jumping in to try it – it just wasn’t my thing.

I truly enjoy the idea of saving money on everyday purchases like groceries, but couponing is just not the way I go about it. My preference is to look at automated ways to save money on my family’s groceries and general household items. This means looking for retailers that offer the quality products I want at the best prices, shopping online, or investing in warehouse memberships where I can get access to organic produce at better prices.

And nowadays it seems like there are so many easy ways to save on groceries and other purchases without rummaging through the weekly newspaper and clipping and snipping coupons. Savings apps have really modernized the whole “saving money while you shop” process for many of us. Here are five apps that will help you keep more of your money while you do your regular shopping.

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5 Apps That Help You Save When You Shop

Grocery IQ

If you love being organized with lists and saving money int he process, Grocery IQ was built for you. Simply upload your grocery list and Grocery IQ automatically pulls in matching coupons from to save you money.

You can arrange and rearrange lists to your heart’s content. Sort them by store, department, or aisle. You can also save your favorite lists and reuse them.


Ibotta lets you search and select rebates you want before you shop. But you have to do a small task first, like watch a short ad. Then complete your shopping and once you’re done – upload your receipt. Done! You’ll get rebates deposited to your Ibotta account. They have a huge selection of retailers so most likely you can start saving where you’re already shopping by using Ibotta. Another bonus is that Ibotta partners with other apps to boost your savings even further. If you shop with or Groupon you’ll receive even more savings.


Whether you shop online or in the store, never complete your transaction without checking this site first. RetailMeNot compiles coupons, discounts, cash-back offers and other money-saving deals into one place for your convenience. They even offer discounted gift cards. The beauty is that since customers and users of the site can also contribute, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your shopping goals.


How would you like to have all of your loyalty cards in one place? Well, you can with SavingStar. If you have loyalty cards from Costco, Target, or other retailers – upload them all to this one app to get cash back on their weekly deals.

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But instead of saving at checkout, the app will track your savings and deposit your “earning” to your bank or PayPal account.


This is a free app that reminds you to use your coupons. Yowza!! uses GPS to locate coupons based on your location. If you don’t mind being “tracked” then this app may work for you. Once your coupons are gathered, they’re automatically downloaded to your phone to use for in-store purchases. You’ll never miss another deal!

Well, that’s all I have for now. The information above is accurate as of the time I wrote it, but if you have more updated information feel free to share in the comments!

Also, let us know what your favorite apps are for saving on everyday purchases for your family. We’d love to know!

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